Fall 2006 Class Notes:


Plato creates dialogue about love, which is indicative of way he feels about language.


Intimate, flirtatious tone with gentler approach.


How does this setting set stage for what this dialogue is really about?


Love can be transcendent and language can be part of that

Love can be seductive and drag into material world and language can seduce readers away from transcendtal truth.


Seductive love is sophistry.


This dialogue is allegory. 


This dialogue an allegory that connects love to language

And also about teaching.


This dialogue represents human contact between teacher student relationship. 


Urgency of communication between Socrates and Phaedrus

I need to say this for you to hear!!


How does need for audience in Phaedrus relate  to way he approaches audience in Gorgias? 

In Phaedrus, he Acknowledges audience is important in inventing truth.

And realizes invention is important in rhetoric.


In Phaedrus, teacher/mentor group is fine if motivated to by pursuit fo knowledge but not by desire.


What is the art of rhetoric Plato describes in Phaedrus?


Reality of justice


Writing diminishes memory and changes organic nature of language.


How would Isocrates teach rhetoric?


Require of political immersion, imitation, rhetorical situation, practice,


Plato:  Socratic methods, concerned with reform, but doesn’t rely on material world so much during process of learning???

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