This blog is a site of congestions,
and the impossibility of resolutions.

A space that embraces
blockage, opening, uncrowding
play, exploration, creation.

A space that leads to new confusions–not aimed at
resoluteness but 0PEN to ambivalence.

A space that sharpens resolving powers through

a space of THOUGHTjams.

**This site started out purely as a personal space for notetaking and thoughtjamming for Graduate Work in Composition and Cultural Rhetoric at Syracuse University. Many of the older posts a.) contain patchworking and borrowing of exact phrases from original authors without quotations; and b.) reflect the struggles of textual interpretation inherent in any graduate work.

Today, as an assistant professor working on my current book project at the University of Florida, this space continues to function as a thoughtjamming space. I have chosen not to go back and revise older posts, as they form an archive of my intellectual thinking from grad school, and I have chosen to preserve them. Any additions or revisions to original posts can be found in comments to those posts.

I welcome all comments and hope this page can continue to be a productive space both for me and its visitors.


5 responses to “About

  1. chao zhang

    what’s CCR 601? now that I have seen this I am kind of interested. (I’m a student at SU but came here through a google search on hypervisibility, of all things)

  2. monika

    love the site.
    teach down the road at colgate.

  3. Enjoyed your piece on Foucault’s Episteme. Thanks.

  4. wazzup4zero

    Salute! It’s a wonderfully experiencing & sharing iof deas that matter through the blogosphere!

  5. Anonymous

    Wonderful blog!

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